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AMD Announces Radeon Pro W7700 Dual-slot workstation graphics card with Navi 32

by Technical otaku - 2023-11-13 2009 0 2

AMD has announced the launch of a new RDNA 3 architecture workstation graphics card, model Radeon Pro W7700, featuring a dual-slot cooling solution. Its official suggested retail price is $999 (roughly Rs. 7,288.8) starting November 13, 2023 at major retailers, with corresponding OEM systems expected to ship within November as well.

AMD officials say the Radeon Pro W7700 has 1.7 times the performance of the rival NVIDIA RTX 4000 Ada Generation SFF, with 52% more performance in Solidworks, 24% more performance in Creo, and 37% more performance in CATIA, for a better price/performance ratio.

Radeon Pro W7700 workstation graphics card equipped with a GPU for Navi 32, using 5nm and 6nm process manufacturing, Infinity Cache for 64MB; equipped with 48 CUs, corresponding to the number of stream processors for 3072, single-precision computing performance of 32 TFLOPS; memory for 16GB of GDDR6, support for ECC, video memory bit The graphics memory is 16GB of GDDR6 with ECC support, 256-bit memory width and 576 GB/s memory bandwidth; four DisplayPort 2.1 ports; AV1 codec and AI-enhanced video encoding; and 190W power consumption with an 8Pin power connector and a recommended 650W power supply.

AMD says the new workstation graphics cards are designed to meet the changing demands of professional workflows, including the continued growth of increasingly complex computer-generated design, visual effects and animation development, as well as the proliferation of global architecture and the explosion of advanced AI applications.Through superior performance, stunning visuals and future-proof features, the Radeon Pro W7700 workstation graphics card Unleash the creativity of professionals.



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