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Silent Upgrade: 24-inch iMac with M3 Chip Now Supports High-Impedance Headphones via 3.5mm Audio Jack

by Technical otaku - 2023-11-07 2021 0 2

Apple's new MacBook Pro this time has been officially opened in recent days, but many online reviews have said that there is not much desire to upgrade, compared to the same period of time to update the M3 chip 24-inch iMac is a little better, after all, it is too long no update, want to Apple all-in-one users are still willing to upgrade, although the new machine in addition to upgraded the M3 chip, the other aspects of the basic and the old model is identical Even the color scheme is not changed, in fact, the new machine still has the function of not specially advertised upgrades, its 3.5mm audio interface now supports the output of high-definition music, can be connected to high-impedance headphones.

This is not the first time that Apple has a 3.5mm audio interface that supports high impedance headphones on top of the Mac, as early as 2021 when the M2 chip MacBook Pro was launched, and the later updates of the 2022 MacBook Air, Mac Studio, and the 2023 Mac mini, Mac Pro have followed up on this feature one after the other, which came from the machine Internal integration of a separate DAC, can support up to 96kHz high-specification digital audio to analog signals in order to output high-definition lossless audio, after a test Apple this 3.5mm audio interface can drive some high-impedance headphones.

Of course, for many higher-end audio enthusiasts or this is a bit of an opinion, they said that Apple's output specifications of this DAC is on the low side, Apple Music clearly provides the highest 24-bit, 192kHz lossless music, want to fully utilize this specification, or to external a stronger DAC, Apple may take into account that this interface is only for general consumers to use for entertainment purposes, the second more professional use users will choose the 3.5mm audio interface. Users with more specialized uses will choose to use more professional equipment.

Unlike Apple's previous 27-inch iMac, the current M3 chip iMac screen is only 24 inches available (diagonal is actually only 23.5 inches), for a little bit of professional use are seemingly small, so it is more oriented to the family or paperwork-oriented office, such users can have a high-definition audio output is indeed very enough, although this Apple Color All-in-One to price The Apple Color All-in-One starts at $10,999, and still has 8GB of RAM.



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