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Google launches new 'AR beauty' feature that allows you to go the wrong way for less

by Technical otaku - 2023-10-28 2047 0 2

Google launched the new "AR beauty" feature in the U.S. Now you can not only try lipstick and eyeshadow on the Internet, but now you can also use Google's AR beauty feature to try hair color and foundation shade. You won't have to buy the wrong color or dye your hair the wrong way, so you'll never have to go through a lot of trouble again.


Google launches new 'AR beauty' feature that lets you go the wrong way for less!

Google has launched AR beauty, a new feature that allows you to try out your favorite hair color or foundation shade directly on the internet.Google now allows you to try out L'Oréal's hair dye colors using AR beauty, which allows you to see how the hair color you want to try will look on your face directly through the camera. The next step is expected to be the launch of the Split Works. Splat and Revlon hair color testers are expected to follow.



AR beauty's new feature also allows you to try out foundation shades on the web. In addition to seeing how each shade looks on a model's face, you can also turn on the camera to see how the shade you've chosen looks on your own face.



As early as 2020 Google allows you to try lipstick, eyeshadow, and foundation shades of interest on models of different skin tones and genders to see how they look on skin tones similar to yours. At the same time, the launch of AR beauty, an online makeup trial function that allows you to directly try the color of lipstick and eyeshadow, a feature that can help helpless consumers in the choice of color to provide a great deal of help.

In 2023, Google launched the AR beauty new function is added directly try foundation and hair color, completely can let the small editor in the Internet blindly choose foundation and then overturned a lot of problems. However, this feature is only available in the United States at the moment, but you can cut off their own face and paste it on the face of the model or cut off the lipstick part of the face on their own face can also (do not ask, ask that is the editor myself have done this kind of thing).



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