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Google Podcasts will retire in 2024, and related services will be transferred to YouTube Music

by Technical otaku - 2023-09-30 2055 0 2

A few days ago, Google announced that its Google Podcasts will be retired in 2024, and the original functions and related services will be fully transferred to YouTube Music. According to past data, 23% of podcast users say YouTube is their most used service, compared to a few 4% of Google Podcasts. Coupled with the current large selection of podcasts platforms, Google has also prompted Google to transfer the podcasts platform to YouTube.


Image source: 9to5Google

Google Podcasts will retire in 2024, and related services will be transferred to YouTube Music

Google Podcasts first launched in 2018, initially only on Android, and only available on iOS in 2020. However, even in time for the golden age of the rise of podcasts, Google Podcasts has so far been far less used than other competitors such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, and even Google's own YouTube Music has launched related services.

Only 5 years after its launch, Google has announced that Google Podcasts will "end class" in 2024. YouTube pointed out that many creators can already see many creators sharing podcast content on YouTube, and in 2024 it will increase its investment in podcasts to provide users with a better user experience. Therefore, the service of Google Podcasts will be discontinued at the same time, which will assist users to move to the YouTube Music platform.
For the upcoming transition period, YouTube will launch a simple transfer tool. For users, even programs that are not hosted on YouTube can be added to the music library through RSS; For many podcasters, YouTube provides an effective data analysis tool.


Image source: 9to5Google

On the YouTube Music app's homepage, users will see the new "Podcasts" category, as well as other recommended shows and podcasts content. In addition, on the "Explore" page, users can view the latest podcasts episodes, charts, sentiment and genre information.


Image source: 9to5Google

According to Edison Research, 23% of podcast users in the United States point to YouTube as their most used listening platform, compared to 4% of users who use Google Podcasts most often. For Google, the option to move users to YouTube Music is an expected choice.
In addition, a survey conducted by research firm Morning Consult also found that YouTube is the most popular platform among American listeners (about 33%), followed by Spotify (about 24%). Together, they already account for more than half of users, followed by Apple Podcasts.

Listening habits also vary from generation to generation, with YouTube being the most popular platform among millennials, Gen X, and baby boomers. However, among Gen Z, 40% of users prefer Spotify.



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