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How to enlarge a picture without distortion? Artificial intelligence AI image enlargement tool free download

by Technical otaku - 2023-09-18 2083 0 2

Most people will encounter when the image resolution is not enough. If it is enlarged by general drawing software, it will definitely be distorted. At this time, you have to use a professional image enlargement tool. Leawo PhotoIns has a total of "image quality improvement" and "remove backing" in this software. There are three functions: "Function" and "Picture Enlargement". The one that is free for a limited time this time is the Leawo Photo Enlarger picture enlargement tool. It is so easy to make your small pictures larger. If you occasionally have such a need, hurry up and seize the opportunity. Install the software this time on your computer!

Free for a limited time:


△ Enter the name and email address, then click Get it Now to get the event number.


△ Finally, you can get the activity serial number. The installation version can be downloaded directly at the end of the article. The serial number is packaged together.


△ After opening the software, the registration window will pop up. Enter the serial number you just obtained, and then click Submit.


△ Seeing the above screen means the registration is successful!


△ Leawo PhotoIns has three functions: "picture quality improvement", "back removal function" and "picture enlargement". Let's use Photo Enlarger!


△ Select the image folder or multiple files you want to enlarge, and then select output.


△ There are many options for adjusting the magnification. You can try it yourself to see which effect is the most perfect. After all, different pictures require different options when enlarging them to achieve better results!


△ The above is my demonstration. I first reduced the original image and then enlarged it. Of course, the enlarged image quality cannot be compared with the original image, but frankly speaking, it is acceptable! Share useful tools with everyone!



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