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Parental management software on PC, use the computer rationally, limit the usage time of APP/games/webpages, etc.

by Technical otaku - 2023-09-18 2075 0 3

What should I do if my child says he wants to turn on the computer to look up information and homework, but eventually starts playing with the computer? This is a management problem that many parents have. Recently, HT System Administrator has launched a limited-time free event. The original price is 60 US dollars. It can restrict the computer to open specific APPs, games, web pages, or set a countdown. When the set conditions are met, it will Automatically close the APP or directly disable its activation. It is recommended that parents accept this management tool for daily use.

Limited time free event page:


△ After entering the event page, click Download Now HT System Administrator to download the compressed file of the event.


△ When you open the compressed file, you can see the event installation file and the event serial number. The installation-free version can be downloaded directly at the end of the article.


△ After opening the software, you will be prompted on how to open HT System Administrator. You can enter sysadmin using Win+R or use the shortcut keys Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Z.


Then please go to the back of the article to download HT System Administrator, open it after installation, click Menu on the upper right to find Register, and you can register.


Paste the serial number in the field and press Activate to activate it. This event is a 365-day license.


After successful activation, you can start setting up. Before setting up, you can see the usage time and proportion of each APP and web page.


There are also historical records that can be viewed. Click the Block below to directly block the APP from opening. If you cannot find the APP you want to restrict, you can also click OPEN FOLDER in the lower right corner to open the folder and find the file directly.


Whether it is a web page or APP, you can limit the daily limit time, or directly block

parts of the web page (it will be closed instantly when opened). You can even use "type" to prohibit browsing without entering the URL one by one. For example : Social media, IG, YouTube, adult websites, alcohol, gambling, shopping, chat sites, dating sites, gaming sites, etc.


You can even set a schedule, for example, it can only be used from 19:00 to 21:00 from Monday to Friday, and it can be open for a longer period of time on weekends for children to relax. This means that you only need to set it once and it can be used once and for all!


It can also be set according to the type of APP, such as: games, browsers, downloaders, Messengers, video players, music players, etc. This way you don’t have to set them one by one, you can just set them according to the type, which is quite convenient.


Finally, you can set passwords, hotkeys, schedules, remote control, user management, etc. It is a very convenient computer management tool. The link is below, so grab it before the limited-time free event ends.



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