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Use the AI ​​blurred background tool online for free to make the main character of your photo more eye-catching

by Technical otaku - 2023-09-18 2073 0 2

"Background Blur" is an online photo background blur tool launched by Magic Studio. It uses AI technology to detect images. It can accurately identify the protagonist of the photo and automatically blur the background image. It does not require any manual steps and can quickly and easily obtain the background . Blurred photo.

Service Introduction:

Using Background Blur is completely free. No registration is required. Just upload a photo and it will be automatically blurred. It provides blur level options for users to adjust themselves. It supports PNG, JPG, WEBP, BMP and other formats. There is no limit on image size and capacity. Output The image will retain its original resolution and no official watermark will be added.

When you need to make the main character of the photo more eye-catching, you can use Background Blur to automatically blur the background to achieve the effect. It can be said to be a very practical photo modification tool.

Name: Background Blur
Language: Simplified Chinese

Background Blur usage instructions:

Open the Background Blur web page and click "Upload Photo" to select an image. It supports PNG and JPG formats with no size or capacity restrictions. The official has provided several sample pictures, you can click directly to see the blur effect. Processing starts immediately after uploading the image. AI analyzes the image and blurs the background. After a short wait, a preview image will be displayed. The blur intensity can be adjusted at the bottom, and the original image can be viewed with the button on the upper right. (Note: Larger image sizes will take longer.) Click the "Download" button to save the new image. It will not reduce the resolution or add a watermark. It is completely free. The following is a comparison of the original image and the image output by Background Blur. Using AI to detect images, the background can be automatically blurred whether it is a car, a person or a text image. Further reading:



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