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How to adjust the color temperature of the computer screen to reduce eye fatigue? Recommend LightBulb screen automatic color temperature adjustment

by Technical otaku - 2023-09-18 2097 0 2

LightBulb 2.4.6 automatically adjusts the screen Gamma value according to the usage time. Friends who use the computer for a long time should pay attention to protecting their eyesight.

Do your eyes feel dry and sore after staring at the screen for a long time? Can the harmful light bands emitted by the screen be adjusted and reduced through software? Nowadays, there are many new types of screens, all of which feature low blue light and automatic blue light adjustment functions. Can the old screen in front of me also be used? Recently, the editor discovered a software called LightBulb that can adjust the screen color temperature. It can adjust the gamma value of the screen according to the time of sunrise and sunset. The colors are cooler before sunset and the colors are warmer after sunset, which helps reduce eye fatigue. Dear friends, If you need to stare at the screen for a long time at work, you might as well try this tool that automatically adjusts the color temperature of the screen. This tool is only available for Windows. If you are using a Mac computer, f.lux is a similar tool recommended by many people.


LightBulb provides installation and installation-free versions. Links are provided at the end of the article for direct download. Opening LightBulb requires authorization to adjust the Gamma value to the software. Press OK to enter the adjustment.


After the adjustment is completed, you can enter the LightBulb main screen, but you need to set it up before that.


You can time the time when the LightBulb color temperature changes, or click Location-based to adjust it based on the geographical location.


I chose to adjust based on geographical location. At first, I thought it would be enough to enter the location in English. I didn't expect that it would require longitude and latitude. However, using longitude and latitude is more accurate. You can check the longitude and latitude of the city you are in and input it.


After setting, press Save to complete. The main screen of LightBulb will display the sunrise and sunset cycle, and smoothly adjust the screen color temperature according to time. If you want to see the effect of the screen color temperature changes throughout the day, press PREVIEW in the lower left corner. OK.


LightBulb also supports whitelist mode. For example, when playing games, if you don’t want the yellowish color temperature to affect the gaming experience, you can set a whitelist and your game play will not be affected.


LightBulb can also adjust various details, such as daytime color temperature, nighttime color temperature, daytime brightness, nighttime brightness, etc., all of which can be customized. Another advantage of LightBulb is that it does not take up too much computer performance and can be run in an offline environment. , if you need to stare at the computer screen for a long time every day, please download the link below and give it a try.



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