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How to hide important private files on PC? IObit Protected Folder adds a layer of password to make files safer

by Technical otaku - 2023-09-18 2079 0 2

There will always be some private files in the computer, just like a company computer may have some account and password information. If it is not properly protected, it may be easily accessed by others, so everyone always hopes to have more information. layer of protection. I hope that in addition to the original file permission control of the system, an additional layer of protection can be added! I think Protected Folder launched by IObit is a very convenient protection tool. You can set the protection of hiding, reading and writing. I also think it is not inferior to other software in use. It is a good opportunity to get it for free for a limited time. Please come and request it. , the serial number is also packaged in the installation version at the end of the article!

IObit Protected Folder_first.jpg

When you use it for the first time, you have to enter a set of protected passwords. Please don't forget this set of passwords to prevent the protected files from being blocked from now on.

IObit Protected Folder_use.jpg

The method of use is also very simple, just drag the file into the program and you’re done!

IObit Protected Folder.jpg

You can use this tool whether it is a file or a folder. It is similar to the file manager. If it is a folder, you can click it. If you need to access it, you can open the file by double-clicking it directly in the program. I think it is like this It is more intuitive to use, unlike other software that has to go to the original path to open it after unblocking it. When using the file, there is no need to unhide it, just open the software to browse.

IObit Protected Folder_options.jpg

There are three levels of protection options, divided into hidden, read and write permissions. However, this option is a global setting and cannot be applied to different hidden folders.

IObit Protected Folder_path.jpg

If you use the path method to browse the hidden folder, you will find that the permissions are insufficient. For example, when I tried to hide the image files myself, I could still open them from within the software. When I browsed the directory of the software, I could see all the files, but they would disappear after the software was closed. I don’t know what the operating mode is, but I personally think it’s OK. Convenient!



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