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What should I do if the window size cannot be adjusted? WinSizeChanger force window resize tool download

by Technical otaku - 2023-09-18 2063 0 2

What should I do if the game window is locked and cannot be resized? The editor found a practical window resizing tool, WinSizeChanger. Compared with general window resizing tools that can only make the window larger, WinSizeChanger can also make the window smaller. The window zoom can be adjusted between 50% and 200%. If you have fun If the game needs to resize the window, or if there is an application that locks the window and does not allow resizing, downloading this window adjustment tool can solve the problem!


You can go to the end of the article to download the WinSizeChanger window size adjustment tool. After downloading, you don’t need to install it, just unzip it and click the execution file to start using it.

You may see garbled characters after opening it, but don't worry, because this tool was developed by Japanese, so there are garbled characters in language conversion, but don't worry, the method of use is very simple, click on the top after opening button to select the application whose window size you want to resize.

002 (1).jpg

Then we drag the upper lever to choose to reduce or enlarge the window. The four buttons above: 50%, 100%, 150%, and 200% are quick buttons, which do not mean that they can only be adjusted to these four sizes. , through the upper lever, the window size can be adjusted steplessly. After the adjustment is completed, just press the button on the left below.

003 (2).jpg

After pressing the button, the application you just selected will pop up and be directly adjusted to the size we just set. In this way, you can force-resize games and applications to a suitable size. The editor has put the software download points below. Friends who need it, please download it quickly.



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