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DaisyDisk Introduces: Mac Hard Disk Cleaner, Quickly Releases More Free Space

by Technical otaku - 2023-04-10 2061 0 2


A few days ago, I was considering whether to subscribe to the optimization application "CleanMyMac X" recommended by quite a few people. I mainly wanted to try its function of freeing memory and cleaning hard disk files. However, there are also some users who think that Mac does not need to use similar tools. Use the built-in functions directly or let the system automatically control it. Later, I found another "BuhoCleaner" that is a cheap alternative, but after looking at it, only the function of cleaning up disk space is more attractive to me, and the others are optional. , if you, like me, bought a Mac with a smaller capacity at the beginning, you may encounter a situation where the hard disk capacity is insufficient and you need to delete the data.

During the search process, someone recommended the "DaisyDisk" application. This Mac hard disk cleaning tool helps users find out what is taking up hard disk space and remove them in the most efficient and easiest way. The developer said that compared to other early tools In other words, DaisyDisk has a better design and user experience. It combines the very basic work of cleaning the disk with a beautiful design, and the effect is quite good, which has won praise from many users.

The feature of DaisyDisk is that the scanning speed of the disk is very fast. Compared with the built-in functions, DaisyDisk can quickly find files that occupy too much capacity in the system within 15 seconds, and can also find some hidden spaces (Hidden Space), such as Clearable space, snapshots, etc. Some are Time Machine temporary backup files and system cache. Snapshots are temporary system backups automatically managed by macOS, which can be quickly deleted through this application.

DaisyDisk supports various file systems such as internal or external disks (SSD, HDD, USB or Thunderbolt), local or network, physical or virtual, and can also connect to network drives for scanning, including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or Box.

However, the free trial version of DaisyDisk does not provide the delete function , it can only allow users to experience the operation interface (Chinese version is available), if you want to buy it, you need to pay $10.49, according to the evaluation after actual use, it is very recommended to buy, the price is not expensive, and it is also It can help users to find out some capacity-consuming files and delete them quickly to obtain more free space.

Of course, you can also use the trial version of DaisyDisk to find files that occupy more space in each folder, and then delete them manually in Finder. This is also a method, but it is not as fast and convenient as the original function in use. If you are running out of space on a Mac and want to find out if there is a recommended hard disk cleaning tool, DaisyDisk is a very recommended choice worth buying!


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Click " Try Free " from the DaisyDisk official website to download and open it. The first time you use it, you will be asked to enter your email to activate the free trial version.


Then you will need to go back to the mailbox to receive the verification letter. After clicking the confirmation link, you can activate the trial version of DaisyDisk. You can pay for it at any time in the future and obtain the activation serial number to turn the application into a full function.



After opening, click on the disk to scan and start to detect files. You can feel that DaisyDisk is quite fast, and it can scan the hard disk files in almost a few seconds. If you have purchased the full version, you can scan a wider range, and you can also click Choose to add Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud drive folders in the lower left corner.


A permission notification will pop up when you use it for the first time.



DaisyDisk uses a circular graph to show the situation that the disk is occupied by files. It mainly lists some large-capacity files. If you want to view smaller files, you can also click "Small Objects" on the right, and DaisyDisk will display the available space , plus the capacity to clear data.


Click the folder or file you want to view from the right, and you can also right-click " Show in Finder ". You can quickly switch to the upper folder by using the upper navigation bar, and drag the file you want to delete directly to the bottom to delete.



However, the automatic deletion function is not available in the trial version. If you don't want to pay, you can find the file yourself and delete it manually.


After testing some functions, I bought it for a fee. Although some netizens said that DaisyDisk is just a storage space management tool with a more beautiful interface, it can indeed help us delete files that are not easily deleted, such as Time Machine temporary backup. File and system cache, system cache, snapshots, or files that may not be used for a long time and do not know where they are scattered.


Three reasons why it's worth a try:

  • Quickly find files that take up too much capacity within 15 seconds, faster than the built-in function

  • Find some hidden spaces (e.g. purgeable space, snapshots), allowing you to discover previously invisible files

  • Support various file systems such as internal or external disks, local or network, physical or virtual, cloud drives are also applicable



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