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How to make your own LOGO? AAA LOGO PRO Professional Logo Generator, more than 1000 ready-made templates can be applied

by Technical otaku - 2022-12-04 2095 0 2

How much does it cost to find a professional designer to make a LOGO? The editor is here to share the good news. Recently, the software AAA Logo Pro, which specializes in making LOGOs, has launched a limited-time free event. The original price is US$49.95. Download it now and you can use it permanently for free. AAA LOGO PRO has built-in 1000 ready-made LOGO templates that can be edited. Select Afterwards, it can be edited directly, and can output PNG, WEBP, SVG, EPS, and PDF. It is recommended for friends in need to accept it, which can save a lot of cost for hiring a designer. If you accidentally miss the limited-time free event, then use Tailor Brands online LOGO generator to create it.

Limited-time free event page:

001 (3).png

Enter the time-limited free event page, click the Download button below to start claiming, the end time of the event is 11/18, please download it before the end of the event.

002 (4).png

Then share this event to FB or click below I don't use Facebook... Enter Email to exchange.

003 (4).png

Then enter personal information such as Eamil, country, system, etc., and press the button below to get the event software.

004 (3).png

Then you can see the software link of this time. After downloading AAA Logo Pro, it is the professional version directly, and there is no need to enter any serial number.

005 (3).png

After downloading and installing AAA Logo Pro, open the software and enter name and email to start making LOGO.

006 (4).png

After opening the main screen of AAA Logo Pro, you can see that there are more than 1,000 LOGO templates, and the left side is also classified according to your industry category, which is quite clear.


After choosing the LOGO version, you can start editing. The text and patterns inside can be edited by yourself. But it is a pity that the current text does not support Chinese, so it is limited to the English part. If there is a demand for Chinese, you can only use image editing software to output the image file and then import it.

008 (2).png

If you don’t want to modify the pattern, but want to build it yourself from 0, there are also various materials on the left that can be used as a base for the LOGO, which can be directly applied. These materials are also classified in very detail, and you can click the button above to switch.

007 (3).png

After editing the LOGO, the formats that can be output include PNG, WebP, SVG, PDF, EPS, and JPG.

009 (1).png

If you have output requirements, AAA Logo Pro also has special settings that can be adjusted, such as resolution, background color, bleeding line, etc.


If you want to use it on the Internet, AAA Logo Pro provides different suggestions, such as WebP that is relatively friendly to SEO, SVG that is enlarged and not blurred, and JPG for photos. For friends who don’t know what format to choose, just directly Just follow the suggestions of the software, the editor will put the link below, and friends in need can download it by themselves.


Making a LOGO is super easy!



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