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How to delete duplicate files on the computer with one click? Duplicate File Finder Plus Free Download

by Technical otaku - 2022-12-04 2121 0 2

Time-limited free Duplicate File Finder Plus 21.0 Duplicate file finding tool, free up computer space with one click

No matter how big your computer capacity is, it is always limited, right? When the computer pops up a reminder, telling you that the capacity is about to run low, where should you delete it? After all the useless files are deleted, it is time to catch "duplicate files"! Recently, the editor discovered that Duplicate File Finder Plus is a duplicate file search tool. It not only starts from the file name, but also accurately scans the content of the file, and 100% captures the files with duplicate content. A limited-time free event is launched. If you get it now, you can get a one-year free license. What will happen after one year? This type of software will launch limited and free activities from time to time, and the computer will not run out of capacity every day, so it is right to download it first. Another veteran duplicate file scanning tool, AllDup, is also highly recommended. See which one you are more used to and choose one to use.

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First go to the back of the article to download the free installation version of Duplicate File Finder Plus. It is rare that it supports traditional Chinese. After opening Duplicate File Finder Plus, click "License" below to activate the key.

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The serial number is the same this time, please turn on the light and copy D2FP-GOTD211223-NWDN if you need it

004 (2).png

If you see the above window, it means that the serial number has been enabled successfully. At present, the official has not indicated when it will end, so please enable it as soon as possible.

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When searching for duplicate files, you can search for duplicate files, you can search for the entire computer, you can also search for a specific file or folder, and you can even search for very fat duplicate files. After setting your own search conditions, click on the bottom right Click the "Search Now" button to start finding duplicate files.

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After waiting for the search to complete, you can see that the computer is full of duplicate files! I don’t know if I don’t search. I found 3.83GB of space when I searched, which was eaten by these duplicate files. Please put it below for everyone. Download it quickly and look for the duplicate files in your computer. Maybe you can accidentally clear them. Leave a lot of space.

Duplicate File Finder Plus Functional Features:
- Compare file content, the result is 100% accurate
- Built-in high-speed comparison algorithm
- Smart selection: Automatically check unnecessary files
- Extremely easy to use: just one click to get the result
- Flexible Scan Sources: Drives, Folders, Files, Size & Type
- Can store/load duplicate file search results



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