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Is there any free video downloader? Keepvid Video Downloader Online Video Download Tool

by Technical otaku - 2022-12-04 2095 0 2

Keepvid Video Downloader supports more than 1000 websites

Want to download videos on the Internet, but don't know which tool to use? Recently, the editor discovered that Keepvid is a universal online video downloader. You only need to open a web browser to convert Youtube to mp4, mp3, and even download subtitles. You can also download Youtube playlists. Of course, it not only supports YouTube, it supports more than 1,000 audio-visual websites, common Facebook, Tiktok and even PxxxHub can also be downloaded. In short, if you want to download videos online, just bookmark this universal video downloader. If this suddenly fails, there are 11 online video download tools here, welcome to accept this page and have 11 at a time.

001 (2).png

After entering the website, you only need to paste the URL of the video you want to download. YouTube also supports playlist URLs. Paste the URL and press Go.

002 (2).png

The editor first uses YouTube as a demonstration.

003 (2).png

After pasting, you can see the preview thumbnail of the movie, but the download button next to the thumbnail is fake, please don't press it yet.

006 (2).png

Scroll down again, the download button below is the real one, you can see that the video is divided into various quality, you can choose the video format and quality you need, if you want to download, right-click the Download button, click " Save the video by clicking "Save Link As".

007 (2).png

If you only want to download the sound, you can also scroll down to find the MP3 format.

008 (1).png

There is no problem with some editors on Facebook, but sometimes the thumbnails of the videos cannot be displayed.


Swipe down again to see the download point of the FB video. You can also right-click Download to download. Keepvid Video Downloader supports a total of 1,000 video sites. Friends who are interested can go to the official support list. The link is posted below , Hurry up and collect it.




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