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PDF Eraser Pro erases text and images in PDF files, free download

by Technical otaku - 2022-12-04 2115 0 2

Free PDF Eraser Pro for a limited time How to erase text and pictures in PDF?

There are many tools for editing PDF, but there are relatively few tools that focus on erasing PDFs. This time, the free PDF Eraser Pro can erase text and pictures in PDF files. When a PDF file has no editing permission, or the file is small This is a very convenient small tool when modifying the range. After clearing some content, you can also add additional text and pictures by yourself. Simple modification functions are also available! Friends who are in need, remember to take this opportunity to accept it!

Free for a limited time:


△ After entering the event page, enter the PROMO CODE of "PDF-ERASER-2022" on the right, and then click Verify.


△ After that, you can get the serial number of this event, and the installation-free version can be downloaded directly at the end of the article.


△ After starting the software, go to About > Upgrade to Pro Version to register the software.


△ Enter the software serial number you just obtained, and then click OK.


△ Then you can see the notification of successful registration, and then you need to restart the software!


△ After opening PDF Eraser, it should be the Pro professional version. After opening the PDF file to be edited, click the eraser tool above to easily erase any content on the PDF file.


△ You can also add text or pictures anywhere, and then save a new file.



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