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How to losslessly compress pictures? PP duck picture compression PPDuck3

by Technical otaku - 2022-12-04 2055 0 2

PPDuck3 3.10.13 "Nearly lossless" image compression, do you feel troubled that the image takes up too much space? (Windows, Mac)

Do you have problems with too many pictures taking up space in your computer? Are you still used to putting large image files online, worrying about traffic? I have introduced the JPEGmini image compression tool to you before. Through high-quality algorithms, the image quality is not reduced, but the file is more miniaturized. The PP Duck shared with you this time is also a similar service, supporting JPG and PNG The image file format is compressed, and the compression efficiency is indeed very good. If there is a need for "large image compression", it is recommended to use it, and "small image compression" is not suitable!


The usage is very simple, just drag and drop the picture into the software, and it will start to compress directly, but the original file will be overwritten directly after compression, please pay special attention! (It can be restored before closing the software)


After compression, you can clearly see the compression ratio. Most JPG and PNG image files can save more than 75% of the space. What is the magical compression algorithm? I think this is the technology of software manufacturers! While keeping the image quality closest to the original image, reduce the image quality to achieve the effect of saving space. The free version can only compress ten pictures at a time. If it exceeds, you must restart the software to compress another ten pictures.


△ The above is the compression of the JPG image file, viewed at 100%. At first glance, the difference is really not that big, but the file size is three times different. There is still a difference when you look closely, but I think some people will still can not tell.


△ The compression efficiency of PNG image files is higher, and the compressed image has a grid feeling.


△ Eight files were actually compressed, and the total file size was compressed from the original 106 MB to only 22 MB, a 79% reduction in size, which is really impressive!


Why do I emphasize "large image compression" in the first paragraph of the article? Because such a compression method is really good for weight loss when used on large images, but if it is used to compress images of webpage size, you can clearly see the fragmentation of the image, and the quality of the image is very poor. It's my experience! Because I used JPEGmini to compress the pictures used in my website, I want to say that it can save a lot of space and traffic, which is great! As a result, after compression, I found that the picture quality is really bad, which is unacceptable to me. It really can't be used in small pictures!



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