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Cat Catch detects web streaming video, downloads M3U8, TS merge and converts to MP4 (Chrome, Edge, Firefox)

by Technical otaku - 2022-10-24 2203 0 2

Modern people may not only browse videos in front of the computer, but most of the time through smartphones and tablet computers. Using the mobile Internet may not have stable connection quality, so they will use the HTTP streaming media network transmission protocol (HTTP Live Streaming, HLS) technology to improve browsing quality, this technology uses extension or playlist files containing metadata, and then divides the video into smaller files (Transport Stream, transport stream), and only downloads each time when streaming video and audio playback. Some are also easier to dynamically adjust and maintain a steady speed..m3u.m3u8.ts

If you use the traditional video download method, you can only get the M3U8 text format file, there will be a long list of TS files, you need to download it step by step and integrate it all to get a complete video, but now there are many download tools, browsers Plugins can automate these downloads.

    This article recommends "Cat Catch" as a more powerful web media sniffing tool, as well as a browser plug-in for downloading streaming video and video. In short, Cat Catch can analyze the various TS required by the M3U8 format of online streaming video archives, quickly download, merge and convert them to MP4 format.

    Maochao supports three major browsers: Chrome, Edge and Firefox. For example, many people buy courses online now, and most platforms require users to log in to watch online (or only on mobile phones). If you want to download You can save it through "cat scratch" or the aforementioned CoCoCut, Live Stream Downloader and other downloaders.

    After installation, "MaoZha" will display the detected number when there are multimedia files on the webpage. Click to open the download function and the M3U8 and TS formats will be listed. Users can parse and detect all TS files through the plug-in. And " merge download " and convert all files into MP4 video format, which is also the video format most users are familiar with.

    In addition, "Cat Catch" itself is an open source project. More information can be found on GitHub, and there are more detailed instructions and usage methods on GitHub. Next, I will briefly introduce "Cat Catch" Catch" usage tutorial, allowing users to easily download streaming videos when they encounter them.

    Cat Catch

    Free Download  Cat Catch
    Chrome Online App Store | Microsoft Edge Addons | Firefox Add-ons Site

    use teaching

    STEP 1

    First download the "Cat Catch" extension from the online application store page. If you are using the Microsoft Edge browser, you can install it from the Chrome application store or the Microsoft Edge Addons page. Open the application store and click " Add to Chrome " in the upper right corner. download.

    Cat scratch-cat-catch-2.jpg

    STEP 2

    When it detects that there is a downloadable streaming video format in the webpage, "Catchat" will display the number of detected components in the upper right corner. Click to open and you will see the M3U8 and TS files, followed by the file size, copy Linking, parsing and preview functions.

    Cat scratch-cat-catch-3.jpg

    Because there may be many multimedia resources detected on a single page, some of which are not necessarily the content we want (for example, there will be advertisements), click the " Play " button on the far right of the M3U8 file to preview whether this video is a paragraph to be downloaded. .


    STEP 3

    After confirming the video you want to download, click on the right to open the " Analyze " function.

    cat catch-cat-catch-2.jpeg

    STEP 4

    From the parsing tool page, the URL of the file detected by M3U8 will be displayed. Although the URL looks garbled, you can still check from the end of the file to see if it is in TS format. If so, you can download and merge these files into MP4 videos. . Find the download function from the bottom, remember to confirm that " MP4 format " has been checked, then click " Merge Download " to save all TS files and merge and convert them into MP4 videos.


    STEP 5

    The download speed of the extension function is very fast, and this tool should be able to save various streaming videos to the computer and convert them to MP4 format.

    cat scratch-cat-catch.jpg

    Three reasons it's worth a try:

    1. Cat Catch Quickly detect and download online streaming videos in M3U8 format

    2. Supports Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers, also open source on GitHub

    3. Analyze individual TS files of movies, merge downloads and convert to MP4 movies



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