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DuckDuckGo for Mac browser is open for download! Built-in ad tracker blocking

by Technical otaku - 2022-10-21 2229 0 2

DuckDuckGo announced as early as April this year that it would build a private, fast, and security-focused web browser, but at that time only a few users could participate in the closed beta phase. Recently, the beta version of DuckDuckGo for Mac was finally made public for everyone to download and use for free. (news), although not yet the final official version, but still added many new features from closed to open beta period, such as Duck Player to protect user privacy YouTube player, integrated Bitwarden password management function, upgraded automatic cookie popup Managed and built-in Email Protection Plan.

Among them, the DuckDuckGo " Email Protection Program " is a new function that was tested last July. It hides the user's real mailbox through the email address provided by the service, and blocks the pre-discovered tracker in the email by forwarding, and then forwards it to the user. You can achieve anonymous privacy without leaking your mailbox and avoid spam attacks. I have a detailed introduction in the article "DuckDuckGo [email protected] to hide real mailboxes, forward and remove trackers to enhance privacy". teaching.

DuckDuckGo for Mac browser currently only supports macOS. According to the official instructions, DuckDuckGo for Windows has been tested with friends and family, and it is expected to launch a public beta waiting list in the next few months.

DuckDuckGo for Mac uses the same built-in protections as the DuckDuckGo mobile app, including integration with its own search engine, protection from third-party tracking, a pop-up cookie manager, and a " burn " button to quickly erase data with one click, just like Firefox Focus quickly clears specific internet history and browsing data with just one button.

The most important and worth mentioning is that DuckDuckGo for Mac uses the same WebKit rendering core as Safari, claiming that this engine will reduce data transfer by 60% compared to using Chrome, unlike other mainstream browsers that may be a fork of Chromium, DuckDuckGo for Mac code They are all written by their own engineers. They use open macOS APIs to make applications more compatible with Mac devices  . DuckDuckGo will open source applications and extensions as much as possible before leaving the beta version.

DuckDuckGo for Mac

use teaching


Open the DuckDuckGo for Mac website and it will be downloaded automatically. If not, you can click the link on the page. After downloading, drag DuckDuckGo to the application folder and execute it.



The first time you open DuckDuckGo for Mac, there will be a welcome screen and a guided tutorial.



For example, it helps users to automatically import bookmarks and passwords from other browsers into DuckDuckGo for Mac, which is a basic function in today's browsers.


In addition, you can also try to set DuckDuckGo as your default browser, but if it is a beta version, you can wait and see.



If you try to open a webpage with DuckDuckGo for Mac, you will find that the speed is quite fast. Ads, trackers and other codes are automatically blocked. Click the pop-up management function on the left side of the address bar to quickly switch on or off the protection mode on this website. View information about safe connections, blocked ads, and trackers.


Sometimes the protection function may affect the normal display of web pages. In this case, the protection function can be turned off in the manager on the left side of the address bar.



Another special feature of DuckDuckGo for Mac browser is the Duck Player player, which will replace the built-in player function of YouTube. It will be very useful for users who are tired of personalized YouTube ads. Duck Player will not record the user's Viewing records will not be collected to display personalized video recommendations.


The operation of Duck Player is similar to that of YouTube player, but it seems to be quite useful that no personal information is collected. It is also a security and privacy feature that currently cannot be achieved by blocking advertisement extensions. Compared with using "incognito mode" Duck Player can really block trackers before they load, effectively eliminating creepy personalized ads (which is how most ads work today).



When using DuckDuckGo for Mac, you will notice a " flame " sign in the upper right corner of the browser, which allows users to quickly clear browsing history and related information. In addition to choosing to delete from all websites, it can also delete specific websites from the current tab or window. record.


Another useful feature is the browsing history when opening a new tab, the number of attempts to track the user but blocked, and a burn (clear browsing history and data) feature after each browsing history.


In addition to the various privacy and security designs mentioned above, DuckDuckGo for Mac also has themes (appearance) and URL bar display options, but the installation of extensions is not yet supported, and users who rely on browser plug-ins may not be able to switch smoothly for the time being. On to DuckDuckGo, expect the future to provide an alternative to the current browser world.

Three reasons it's worth a try:

  1. DuckDuckGo for Mac is a private, fast, security-focused web browser

  2. Use the same WebKit rendering core as Safari and open macOS API for better compatibility with Mac devices

  3. Built-in protection and Duck Player automatically blocks trackers to prevent user data from being collected



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