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How to move data information from Android to IOS? Free AnyMP4 TransMate for a limited time

by Technical otaku - 2022-10-19 2197 0 2

Time-limited free AnyMP4 TransMate 1.2.6 mobile phone changing system moving artifact, painless transfer of photos / videos / contacts / music ( iPhone / Android )

Android, iPhone data moving, are there any recommended tools? Most of the easy-to-use tools on the market cost a fee. Just recently, I found that  TransMate launched by AnyMP4 is  free for a limited time. The original price is $59.95, which can easily allow you to change the operating system without the problem of data connection. In addition, there are additional 6 major Functions, such as backup, restore, setting ringtones, etc., it is rare to send a free serial number for free. Friends in need hurry up to get the serial number. It is hard to say whether you will change the mobile phone system in the future.

Free for a limited time:

Enter the free page of AnyMP4 TransMate for a limited time, enter the name and Email, and press the Get Free Registration Code below to complete the collection of the serial number.

The serial number will be sent to the mailbox we filled in, and then click the TransMate download point at the end of the article to download it. After opening, enter the mailbox and serial number to activate it!

Manage photos

AnyMP4 TransMate can manage photos on Andoid and iPhone, and even transfer photos from phone A to phone B. In addition, you can directly delete photos from albums, create new albums, and view photo information, etc. Of course, there are also the most commonly used ones. Function: export photos to computer.

In terms of music management

, you can also import music into iPhone and Android phones through a computer, and of course support exporting and deleting music. The AnyMP4 TransMate, which focuses on data relocation, also supports synchronizing the music of mobile phone A to mobile phone B.

At the top right of the Music management page, you can also click the "Ringtone" icon to configure ringtones for your phone, regardless of whether it is iPhone or Android.

Video management

When you have videos or movies to manage, you can import videos, export movies, delete, add video information and other functions through the computer, and the video synchronization between the two devices is also no problem.

In addition to audio and video media, contacts, text messages and other data can also be managed, exported, imported, deleted, synchronized, etc. on AnyMP4 TransMate. It is a comprehensive mobile data moving tool. Friends in need can get the serial number, and the download point below provides it for everyone to download.



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