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How should SSD hard drives be optimized? SSD Fresh 2022

by Technical otaku - 2022-09-11 2031 0 2

How to optimize SSD hard disk? Although the reading speed is already very amazing, which can make the system operate with high performance, is there still room for optimization? The lifespan of SSDs is a worrying issue. The lifespan problem can be detected by using the SSDlife introduced earlier. This SSD Fresh emphasizes performance optimization, reduces unnecessary writes, and prolongs the lifespan of SSDs.

The items that can be optimized are as follows:

  • Windows indexing function: To speed up indexing, Windows will index files, but this will cause write operations to the SSD, which will reduce the life of the SSD. If you rarely use the Windows search function, you can consider turning off this feature. This option is not an automatic optimization item. You can decide whether to turn it on or off.

  • Defragmentation Features and Optimizations: For Windows 8 and later, Microsoft has improved defragmentation features for SSDs and optimized them by performing defragmentation features.

  • Timestamp: Windows stores the access time of each file, which also creates unnecessary writes that reduce the lifespan of the SSD.

  • Prefetch function: The prefetch function is to load frequently used applications into the memory, but because the SSD read speed is inherently fast, the prefetch function is useless and can be turned off.

  • Index defragmentation function: SSD is different from general hard disk, so indexing and defragmentation function is meaningless, and also reduces SSD life.

  • Windows event log: There are actually a lot of system error logs, but I believe that everyone may not read it, so close it!

  • Short file name: When the system is in 16-bit DOS state, the file and directory names will become abbreviations, which are also recorded in the hard disk and are one of the details that can be turned off.

  • AHCI setting: AHCI is the standard usage mode for SSD hard drives to show the best performance speed.

If you have any doubts about the optimization content, you can also take a closer look at the explanation of the optimization project! What do you think after reading these optimization projects? Now that cloud storage is developing, there is also a file index comparison every time a file is compared, so should it be moved to another hard drive?



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