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Are there computer tools for dates? Advanced Date Time Calculator

by Technical otaku - 2022-09-11 2053 0 2

Does your job require counting dates? If necessary, the Advanced Date Time Calculator may be a good gadget. For me, I occasionally need to convert unixtime to date, or convert date to unixtime format. I used to find online tools to convert, now there are ready-made gadgets that can be used! Advanced Date Time Calculator also has the function of calculating the number of days, weeks, date conversion and time zone with date difference. I don’t think everyone needs this gadget, but this is a paid tool, but it is free for a limited time at the moment. Friends who need it, please accept it!

Advanced Date Time Calculator is a full-featured date and time calculator that includes six major functions:

  • Add or subtract a specified number of years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and/or seconds from a base time to calculate the target datetime, for example: to get the current time plus 3.29 years, 1.8 weeks, and 982 seconds the result of. Also supports adding/subtracting some weekdays/weekends to get the target date.

  • Calculate the difference between two times (year, month, week, day, hour, minute, second and integrated difference), usually used to get past/future events from the current date and time in years/months/weeks/days/hours/ Scores such as births, marriages, and anniversaries. Example: You can quickly know "How many seconds/days did you live?".

  • Count the number of days between two dates (weekdays, working days, weekends), such as: easily get the number of days (weekdays) between 1819/01/29 and 1981/10/14.

  • Convert between various datetime elements (days, years, months, weeks, minutes, seconds, hours), with this tool, you can easily and quickly know the answer to some time conversion questions, such as "How many seconds are there in a year? ".

  • Compares the specified time in the base time zone and four other selected time zones, and lists when the specified base time is in all time zones in the world.

  • Computes a normal date by a numerically large number of days/seconds starting from the UNIX base date (1970/01/01), or vice versa. For example: 15,551 days means 2012/7/30.

Once any condition is modified, all the above calculation/statistical results will be presented immediately without pressing any button such as <calculation/count>. In addition, all numeric fields (year, month, week, day, hour, minute, second, day (day of week), weekday, weekend) support thousands separators and decimals.

△ Please download the installation version and the free installation version at the end of the article. The compressed file also contains the serial number of this event. After opening the software, click the KEY symbol in the upper right corner to enter the key, paste the serial number of the activity and click OK.

△ Then you should see the message of successful registration!

△ The main function can provide the calculation of date and time, such as adding one day, adding one hour of date and time, etc., but unfortunately there is no time format setting, otherwise it should be more in line with the needs.

△ Comparison of date differences, such as the calculation of how much time there is a difference between a certain day and a certain day. The number of days (day of the week) is also a comparison of date differences, but in weeks.

△ With the date and time in different time zones, you can quickly know the current time in different regions through this function!

△ UNIX date format conversion, this may also be a convenient tool for engineers who use Linux and engineers who write programs.



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