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Which software do you use to completely clean up your computer space? Black Bird Cleaner PRO Free Download

by Technical otaku - 2022-09-11 2035 0 2

Don't you have a software that can clean your computer? Then you must accept the Black Bird Cleaner PRO shared today . There are several reasons for not accepting the download. First of all, because its original price is 29.95 US dollars, which is converted into several hundred yuan, and now it is launching a limited-time free "lifetime serial number". , that is to say, you can use it for free forever if you accept it now. It mainly has 5 major functions for system optimization: computer optimization, cleaning system garbage, clearing browser cache, hard disk analysis, etc. Make sure you get it on 8/8~Limited time The free event will end on 8/8. Friends who accidentally missed the limited-time free period can also use this Wise Disk Cleaner to support Chinese and a free-to-install version.

Free for a limited time:


After entering the limited-time free event page , you can share the serial number with Email or Facebook. If you are too lazy to do the above actions, you can download Black Bird Cleaner PRO from the download point prepared by the editor at the back of the article.


The editor here is to enter the Email to obtain the serial number. After entering the email, you can see the download point and serial number information.


This limited-time free event Black Bird Cleaner PRO is limited to Windows. For Mac users, please refer to other software.


After installation, open it and click KEY ACTIVATION below to activate the serial number.


Then after entering the free serial number for this lifetime, press ACTIVE to activate.


When you see the above message, it means that the activation has been completed. Go to clean up your computer as soon as possible.


There is no Chinese version of Black Bird Cleaner PRO, but English is not too difficult to understand. The interface is mainly the function menu above, including computer cleaning, computer optimization, disk analysis, etc.

With Black Bird Cleaner PRO, you can easily clean cache, junk files, temporary files and cookies, supporting more than 50 browsers. Windows Log files, Windows media files, thumbnails, font and icon caching, memory cleanup, etc.


In addition, Black Bird Cleaner PRO has a function that other system optimization tools do not have: quick detection, cleaning installation files and sealing archives. It can list all the installation files of the computer, and users can choose which files to delete and keep. In addition, we can also use Disk Analyzer to check the space occupied by different files on the hard drive, and also run, stop and delete apps running in the system.

For those who don't have a system cleaning tool on their computer, please take advantage of the limited-time free event to get a lifetime free serial number!



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