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2022 Free WonderFox DVD Video Converter Video Converter Download Software Recommended

by Technical otaku - 2022-09-10 2049 0 2

Video conversion, DVD backup and YouTube video download are the needs of many people at present. Of course, there are many such tools, but free software always has limitations, and some things still have to be left to professionals! This time WonderFox DVD Video Converter is available for free for a limited time. Video conversion is an indispensable tool for me at present. Children order books every month, and there are always some DVDs in the books to watch, but I don’t have DVDs for a long time. Players, but TVs can read USB audio and video content, so the conversion tool is very practical for me, although there are many homogeneous software, but always accept the next one in the computer!

Free for a limited time:


△ After entering the event page, you can directly see the event serial number, and the free installation version can be downloaded directly at the end of the article.


△ After installation, it is in a non-registered state. There is a yellow Register button in the upper right corner. Please start the registration from here. The software installation version and the free installation version can be downloaded at the end of the article, and the serial number file is in the free installation version!


△ After opening the registration window, paste the serial number and click Register to register.


△ The message of successful registration, click Yes to start using.


△ Drag and drop the video to be converted into the software, you can perform batch conversion, add subtitle files, or merge all video files.


△ Edit video You can apply video special effects, reset the starting point of the video, rotate and flip the video.


△ The output file format can be set according to the brand and model of the mobile phone, and the corresponding file size and format can be directly output.


△ If you are more professional, you can set the content of the file format yourself


△ When converting, it supports transferring multiple files at a time. If the computer is fast, this kind of multitasking is really convenient.



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