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USA TasteWP Free WordPress Hosting Service Test Themes and Plugins

by Technical otaku - 2022-08-31 2153 0 2

TasteWP is a new addition to the web-based online WordPress sandbox solution, created on July 31, 2020 and operated by Inisev, allowing users to spin up a new WordPress instance in seconds without any functional limitations, clone Your real website, perform quick tests on plugins or themes and start and destroy easily. The demo site lets you try things you don't want to do in a real environment, do some destructive experiments without worrying about breaking things.


Official website :

The TasteWP temporary test site supports Chinese. For non-login users, the WordPress hosting service is 48 hours, allowing the creation of 2 sites. For logged-in users WordPress hosting for 7 days, 6 sites are allowed to be created. Each WordPress blog has 1GB of space, and currently does not support custom binding domain names.

Create a site can choose the WordPress historical version, choose the PHP version, themes, plugins and so on. The goal is to give newcomers a taste of how to get started with WordPress, try out new themes and plugins, and test them out before deploying to a "real" site, before moving on to a permanent site.

If you want to have a permanent free and unlimited WordPress blog, you need to invite 3 friends to register, and each account can open 3 unlimited sites.

Invitation registration link :

If according to your invitation, you currently own 1/3 of the site, click "Create a new site", select the WordPress version, PHP version, and fill in the custom site name (free secondary domain name prefix, the domain name format is similar: https:// site name and finally select "Create Temp Site" to create a temporary site.

After the creation is successful, click "Site Administrator", select "Make it not expire (affiliate)" in the operation option to make it not expire (member), you will have a free and unlimited WordPress blog forever.

Note: Users who sign up via VPN will not be counted as they are often abused.

Demo :



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