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American Chosic copyright free background music material download, suitable for short video production!

by Technical otaku - 2022-08-31 2177 0 2

Chosic is a free online tool to help discover new music and songs. Created on January 3, 2019, it includes many free background music for video production or any project, including Vlog, inspirational, fun, games, happy, sad , Relax, Quiet, Strong Rhythm, Romance, Movies and more. In fact, this is only a part of the label. If you have a more specific goal, you can use the search method to enter specific keywords to narrow the scope.

Official website :


The music materials included in Chosic can be previewed and played online, and you can download MP3 format for free when you log in to your account. Most of the music is licensed under Creative Commons (CC), and the source needs to be marked. Chosic will directly provide a reference method that can be quickly copied and pasted. Just put this string of content in the video description column when using music. .

Creative Commons Chosic :

Chosic free background music download page, you can use the search bar to enter keywords to find related music, or browse by genre, mood, music usage and tags. If you click "More Tags" below, the complete free music tags will be listed, which will help you find the music material you need more precisely. Find relevant background music from search results or specific categories and tags. Each music has a cover, title, author, number of downloads, authorization and sound wave map. Click play to preview and listen directly. Click "Download" in the lower right corner to enter the download page . Click "Free Download" in the middle of the download page to download MP3 files for free. When downloading, an authorization reminder will pop up. When using it, you need to copy the text below, put it in a video or project introduction, and this text is to the effect of the creator's name, source, authorization method and link of the music. If the download does not start automatically, you can click the link below to download the file manually.



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