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Quickly build an online survey and voting website, recommend the US CrowdSignal survey service

by Technical otaku - 2022-08-31 2155 0 2

CrowdSignal was founded in 2008 by Automattic, a blog and website construction service provider, headquartered in San Francisco, USA. It was formerly the famous online polling service PollDaddy. In 2008, it was acquired by the company founded by WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg.

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CrowdSignal is a free online survey service that provides online online voting and questionnaire functions, allowing users to quickly create a polling activity or questionnaire, and can directly embed the polling and questionnaire content on a website or blog for readers to vote and discuss. Answer, the current CrowdSignal free account can collect 2,500 online questionnaire votes or responses.

Users can click Try it free in the middle of the CrowdSignal homepage to create a free account. For the initial registration, enter your name, email address and password in turn. After all are entered, click "Create a account" below to complete the registration. Login to the CrowdSignal management page, users can choose to create a Poll or a Survey, the difference between the two is the number of questions that can be asked of participants. Taking the Poll voting activity as an example, click Create Poll to enter the page for creating a poll. At this time, a recommendation description of WordPress plug-in will pop up on the page. Please click OK below to close. When starting to create a polling activity, first, the user can enter a polling question for the polling activity in the Poll Question option. For example, if you want to ask the voting participants which social networking sites they usually use, they can directly enter "commonly used social networking sites" in the field. as a question. In addition, users can also click the picture option behind the field to add a preview image for this voting activity, which can increase the voting willingness and experience of the participants. After enabling the image option, you can directly click Browse to select the preview image to upload, and click Upload in the lower right corner to complete the image upload. Next, the user can enter the content of the voting options at the bottom of the web page, and each option can also add pictures to strengthen the content of the option, which can be adjusted according to their own needs. If the user wants to allow the participants to enter the voting answers themselves, there is also a function that allows the voters to enter the voting options in the Answer Settings option on the right side of the webpage, just check it to use. After filling in the content of the voting activity, the user can also click the options in the upper left corner of the webpage to switch other voting settings. For example, when switching to the Style option, the appearance interface of the voting activity can be further adjusted. When switching to Settings, users can adjust the detailed functions of voting, such as the order of voting content, whether to open the check, whether to allow comments, etc., and even switch the language of the voting page. When the settings are adjusted, users can click Share in the upper right corner to vote publicly.

At present, CrowdSignal is an online voting service under Automattic, the parent company of WordPress, so it can be used for free as long as you register or have a WordPress.Com account.

CrowdSignal provides a variety of ways to share voting activities, including web links, Embed embedding functions, website pop-up tools and emails, etc. Users can choose one or more sharing methods according to their own needs. It is recommended to increase voting participation. degree is a priority.

When you finally want to view the voting results, just click the Results option on the CrowdSignal management page to see the detailed voting content, such as the voting results, the voter's IP and country, etc.



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