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Free online unlimited size file transfer site Drop via web browser

by Technical otaku - 2022-08-31 2129 0 2

Whether it is transferring files between mobile phones or two computers, as long as there is a web browser, you can use the free file transfer service provided by Drop to transfer files.

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Official website :

The usage of Drop is very simple. No matter who initiates it first, he will get an independent website. Through this website, people who want to transfer files can be invited to enter. It is like an independent private room. Members can transfer files without restrictions. Text messages can be sent. When the webpage is closed, all links will be invalid together to ensure the security of the file.

The first time you enter Drop, there will be instructions for use. Click [Continue] to close the instructions, and a unique QR Code URL will be generated. With this URL, you can invite others to join the mutual file transfer. Others open their browsers to scan the QR Code or Enter the URL yourself to enter. Press + to add the file to be sent, and you can also send text messages at the Chat in the lower right corner.



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