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AnyExif Free, professional photo EXIF ​​editor that supports various metadata types!

by Technical otaku - 2022-08-17 2105 0 2


Exchangeable Image File Format (Exif) is a file format specially designed for digital camera photos. It records photo-related attribute information and shooting data, such as camera model, resolution, shooting time, software, last editing time, aperture value, exposure Time, ISO sensitivity value, exposure compensation, flash, and GPS records of latitude and longitude, altitude and other information. If you open the photo in the computer, you can view the Exif record, allowing users to get more information from these records.

This article will introduce "AnyExif" as a free Mac application and a professional EXIF tool that can view, add, edit and delete the Exif information of photos on a Mac computer. Combined with a variety of editing functions, it has a fairly simple and easy-to-use operation. interface, anyone can quickly view, edit or clear the Exif content of a photo.

AnyExif supports various photo metadata types, such as EXIF, GPS, IPTC, XMP, TIMESTAMP, CAMERA, LENS, FLASH, and can also change the GPS coordinates of photos to add new locations, and import all photos by adding folders for batch editing. , and finally export the edited photos to other folders to avoid overwriting the original photos. Overall, it is a very useful tool.

If you have the need to edit or clear photo Exif information, you can try it out. Currently, only the Mac version is available.


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After opening the official website of AnyExif, find the App Store page, click "Get" to download the app and use it.



When enabled, AnyExif will ask for permission to access the location, this is because the application itself has the function of editing the GPS coordinates of photos.


First click "Add New Folders" in the upper left corner to add the photo folder, and the photo file will appear in the middle viewer. Clicking on the photo will display the metadata including color mode, DPI, resolution, creation date and other information on the right. If Photos with GPS location records will display the location as a map in the lower right corner.



Click on the photo you want to edit EXIF (supports selecting multiple photos for batch editing at one time), and click "Edit EXIF MetaData" on the far left of the upper menu to start editing the EXIF metadata. It should be noted that the menu also has a view EXIF function. If you click, you can only view but not edit. At the beginning, you selected the wrong function during the test, and later found that you can only edit by selecting the first button.



Then you will open the photo EXIF editing function of AnyExif, and you will see various metadata categories above, corresponding to each EXIF data field. You can query the description and value of each field from the AnyExif official website "MetaData". If the original photo has The data will also be displayed in the editor as the default value, and users can modify it according to their needs.


AnyExif supports photo GPS coordinates and positioning information, of course, this part can also be modified, and you can also use map mode to drag to a specific location to add latitude and longitude.



After editing, click "Start Process" in the lower right corner to start processing. Note that there is an option below "Modify and keep other information", and it can also be set to "Modify and clear other information" to record the rest of the Exif Delete, and there is a default check function at the bottom to keep the photo creation and modification dates unchanged.

After completion, the photo will be exported and saved to the path selected by the user, without directly overwriting the original photo.



AnyExif also has a useful function "Clear Photo MetaData". If you don't want to reveal too much information when sending photos to others, you can also select photos through AnyExif and click "Clean Photo MetaData" above to delete photos. Exif records are cleared quickly.


Three reasons it's worth a try:

  1. AnyExif is a professional photo EXIF tool for Mac, including viewing, editing and deleting EXIF functions

  2. Support EXIF, GPS, IPTC, XMP, TIMESTAMP, CAMERA, LENS, FLASH metadata types

  3. Batch editing is possible without directly overwriting the original photo



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