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Free sound clips, sound effects material download site SoundBible, no license required for commercial use

by Technical otaku - 2022-08-17 2103 0 2


SoundBible provides a large number of sound clips, sound effects material for users to download for free, in wav or mp3 format, these sound effects, clips are suitable for video editing, movie soundtrack, game design or any possible situation (if you want to put into presentation slides) Production is also OK), SoundBible sound material is free and copyright-free (Royalty-Free) is also suitable for commercial use , but it needs to comply with the authorization specifications when using it, most of which use the Creative Commons "Name Marking 3.0" authorization method.

In SoundBible, there are many special, rare or slightly retro sounds, such as horns, buttons, bells, typewriter sound effects that appear in early movie cartoons, as well as school bells, walking sounds, toilet flushing sounds, gunshots or various Interesting sound, just enter some keywords or descriptions to find relevant results.

SoundBible, like other free music and sound effects websites, searches for related materials by entering search keywords, and there is no category page or index page for searching, only English keywords can be used, and each sound effect page will have a label. You can also use tags to extend your search and find more related sound effects. All sound effects can be previewed and played directly online.


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Open SoundBible and directly enter the keyword of the sound effect you want to search for. The authorization method, title, description, author and download times will be marked on the top of each sound effect. There will also be a sound waveform chart below. Click " Play " to preview it online.



Click to enter the detailed information page of the sound effect, and there will be some sound effect labels at the bottom. If you can't find the material by searching, you can also browse through the label method to find more related sound effects. On the right side, there will be information such as author, authorization method, number of downloads, and file size. When using sound effects, remember to indicate the original author's name according to the authorization.

Click " MP3 " or " WAV " in the lower right corner to download and obtain the corresponding audio file format.



When downloading, if the browser pops up a security prompt blocked by "Unable to download safely", you can download and save the sound effect as long as you select "Keep" in the download file.


Three reasons it's worth a try:

  1. SoundBible provides a large number of sound clips and sound effects for users to download for free

  2. Copyright-free (Royalty-Free) is also suitable for commercial use, most of which are released under CC license

  3. Search by keywords, or use tags to search for related sound effects



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