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Microsoft Edge adds 'Games' feature to easily play Classic New Solitaire, Mines and 23 other games

by Technical otaku - 2022-08-17 2107 0 2


Microsoft Edge is my current main browser for work and daily life. Compared with Google Chrome, it is not only more resource-efficient but also more power-efficient. It is fully compatible with Chrome's original extensions, and there will not be too many problems when switching browsers. , as well as built-in "efficiency mode" and "sleep index tab" and other functions to reduce browser power consumption, make the most efficient use of hardware resources, or enable IE Only compatibility mode to browse old web pages that only support Internet Explorer browsers.

Recently, after updating Microsoft Edge, the " Games " menu will appear, and users can easily access a large collection of free casual games in the browser, such as Microsoft's classic New Solitaire, Stepping Mine, or many people's favorite Microsoft Mahjong, Sudoku , Jewel Quest, Microsoft Bubble, etc., there are a total of 23 games, which can be connected to MSN Games from the function bar.

Microsoft Edge browser

use teaching


Update the Edge browser to the latest (I have this feature after version 103, both Windows and macOS), click the menu in the upper right corner and there will be a " Game " option to quickly open the side toolbar.



By default, the " Game " button will not be displayed on the toolbar. If necessary, you can enter the " Appearance " function to configure the " Game " button to enable it to appear on the toolbar in the upper right corner.


This will allow you to open the browser's game functions faster.



In fact, the game function of the Edge browser is a game directory, which will be classified according to different types. After clicking, the game page corresponding to MSN Games will be opened, because the online version can be played without additional download or installation.



The picture below is the picture of the Microsoft Solitaire Collection, isn't it a bit familiar? If you want to play Microsoft's Solitaire from a mobile phone or tablet, you can refer to "Microsoft Solitaire Collection Play Microsoft's New Solitaire on a Mobile and Tablet, Five Game Modes to Choose From" I have a detailed introduction and teaching.



The great thing is that Edge games (or MSN Games) have a Chinese interface, which is friendly to all ages.


Edge games also have Microsoft stepping on landmines. By the way, I introduced in "Google Search Built-in Solitaire, Snake, Landmines and other classic mini-games and common tools" before entering keywords directly from the Google search engine to open various Classic game, if you like it, you can play it too.


Three reasons it's worth a try:

  1. Microsoft Edge browser built-in game function, including a variety of classic puzzle games

  2. New Solitaire, Step on Mine, Microsoft Mahjong, Sudoku, Jewels, and Microsoft Bubble, a total of 23 games

  3. Some provide Chinese interface, open from the function bar to connect to MSN Games to play



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