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Hovrly is the best partner for distributed work teams, display and convert time zone time in different cities on Mac

by Technical otaku - 2022-08-15 2517 1 2

Nowadays, remote work or distributed team types are quite common. I have seen a saying that "Bengaluru", known as the Silicon Valley of India, can develop rapidly. One reason is that there is a nearly half-day time difference with Silicon Valley in the United States. Therefore, it is possible to relay work after get off work hours in the United States, and the work is more efficient in connection. Many work teams also use developers from different countries, or the company has business contacts with customers from different countries. The problem they will encounter is that there will be time differences between their working hours. You can try a simpler and intuitive time zone and time difference conversion. tool.

The "Hovrly" recommended in this article is a free Mac application that can display the local time of different cities in the toolbar in the upper right corner of the Mac, and it is presented in a fairly minimalist, clean, non-intrusive or user-intrusive way . It can also be dragged in time After the axis, the time of other countries is converted in real time, which is very useful for users who usually need to display the time in a specific time zone.

In addition to being able to choose the city and time zone to be added, Hovrly also has a 24-hour clock (PM / AM) display style. If it takes up too much space in the toolbar, it can also be adjusted to a simplified mode to display a shorter name with a city abbreviation, which is more important. The thing is that Hovrly is an open source project and there will be a Windows version later.


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Open the Hovrly website and click " Download for Mac " to download the version for macOS.


Just drag Hovrly to the Applications folder and execute it to get started.



Hovrly will be displayed on the toolbar in the upper right corner. After clicking, you can see the time of several cities from the drop-down menu. For example, when Taiwan time is 1 pm, it is 8 am in Moscow, Russia, 7 am in Berlin, Germany, and 7 am in the Pacific Ocean. On the other side, New York, USA, is at midnight. From the icon, you can tell whether it is day or night. Of course, the preset city can also be removed and added to other cities.



Enter the city name from the search field above, the query results will be displayed, and press send to add it to the city list.



Click the city in the drop-down list to choose whether to display the time at the top of the toolbar. If it is hidden, it will not be displayed in the toolbar. You need to click the Hovrly icon to see the city time (move the mouse to the city name and click to delete) .


From the setting items below, you can also choose whether to display the 24-hour clock and the small view style (Compact View). You will find that the original city name in the upper toolbar is presented in abbreviated form, which looks more space-saving.



Hovrly also has a function of real-time query and conversion of cities in different time zones by "drag". It may be easier to understand by using video demonstrations for everyone to see. If you usually need to know the time of different countries and cities in your work or life, this is free The application is highly recommended, very compact and integrates perfectly with the appearance of the Mac.

Three reasons it's worth a try:

  1. Hovrly free Mac app that shows other city times in the toolbar

  2. Switch between 24-hour format and small view style to make the time function more space-saving

  3. Use drag and drop to query and convert city time in different time zones in real time







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