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dig.ccMixter Millions of MP3 music clips for free download, CC licensed for commercial use!

by Technical otaku - 2022-08-09 2019 0 2
dig.ccMixter Free Music Download Site

ccMixter is a music community platform with more than 10,000 music producers, and it has a "dig.ccMixter" website, which provides free download of CC-licensed music. As long as the source of the music is marked, it can be used for free, and it can be used first. It is very convenient to listen to it online and then download it. There is no need to register and log in when downloading.

Previously recommended more than 20 high-quality "free music download sites", such as "Epidemic Sound", "Free stock music free music download site", "Uppbeat high-quality free music library"... and so on, some of these music libraries It needs to be paid, and some need to indicate the source, and those in need can also go to use it.

If you are also looking for a free licensed music library, and you don't mind using CC licensed music and attributing the source, then you can consider dig.ccMixter, a free music site, and this article will also have a full tutorial.

dig.ccMixter Free music download site, free music MP3 material

Click the URL below to go to dig.ccMixter.


After entering the dig.ccMixter website, you can directly click the "Featured" option above, and then select "free for commercial use", that is, select the music material that can be used for commercial use.

dig.ccMixter Free Music Download Site

In addition, you can also click on the "tag search" above, and it is also very convenient to find free music through music categories.


After you find the music, you can listen to these free music directly online. If you like it, click the download button to download it.


dig.ccMixter has two authorization methods, Creative Commons (CC authorization) and TuneTrack, that is, you need to indicate the source when using it, so that you can use it for free.



    dig.ccMixter is a very good online free music website, you can listen to it directly online, and find music through music classification. Most of the music on the dig.ccMixter website is licensed under CC, which means that the source needs to be indicated when using it, so that it can be used for free.



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