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NoBlogs Free WordPress Blog Anonymity Platform

by Technical otaku - 2022-07-25 2107 0 2

NoBlogs is a virtual world of people, collectives, associations, bands, informal groups, coordinating bodies, run by the St. Kitts and Nevis-based Open Network Association, for activists and collectives from grassroots and social movements Provides internet services where anyone can open a blog or website at NoBlogs and meet other people with the same dream.


The people who gathered on the blogging platform shared the manifesto and broad goals of NoBlogs: to fight for a world where fairness, equal rights and freedom are the cornerstones of people's lives; to fight back against an idea that controls us and knows who we are and not who we are or Love/hate what interested society; resist the common idea that any moment of our lives can be traded for money or something of financial value.

Official website :

Before NoBlogs free WordPress blog registration, you need to have an email account on Autistici/Inventati or some other dedicated server with anonymity at its core. Once you have it will allow you to create a new blog.

Blog Demo :



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