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Free online typing speed test site, recommend Germany 10FastFingers

by Technical otaku - 2022-07-19 2097 0 2

10FastFingers is a free test typing speed online service, founded by Christian Strong on November 13, 2007, and headquartered in Remagen, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Improve typing speed with 10 fingers on the keyboard, and quickly practice the speed of typing and English typing.


10FastFingers not only offers multiple languages to choose from, but also allows you to test your typing speed by simply using a browser to open a web page. When the test ends, information such as the number of words typed per minute, the number of keystrokes, the accuracy rate, the correct and incorrect words, and so on is also displayed.

Official website:


10FastFingers default test language is English, you can choose the language you want to test in the upper left corner of the home page, select the project you want to test from the list on the left side of the home page, usually choose Typing Test or Advanced Test These two options, respectively, represent the ordinary typing test and the advanced typing test, the two options are different in the difficulty of the number of words, and then the word content of the test will be displayed above the web page. If you choose the English test, a variety of English words will appear in the test content. The tester needs to enter the words seen on the web page into the blank box below in order, when encountering a space, please click the spacebar on the keyboard directly, and each test will have 60 seconds, once the word content is started, the timer on the right side of the blank box will start the countdown synchronously. When the tester enters the correct word will be displayed above the green label, and if the typed word is wrong, there will be a red prompt on the top, then the tester can use the BackSpace backspace key on the keyboard to modify the word, which should be noted that once the word is sent out by pressing the blank key, it can no longer be corrected. Finally, when the test is completed, the results of the test will be displayed on the web page, including the number of words per minute, the number of keyboard keystrokes, the accuracy rate, and the number of correct and wrong words, etc., for the reference of the tester.

10FastFingers' hit test is also a similar mode of operation, except that the content on the web page will change from English words to Chinese words, and the same testers will enter the words seen on the web page into the blank box below.



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