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Uk VibeToon online production trend music animation video service

by Technical otaku - 2022-07-19 2073 0 2

V+Animation Animation Studios offers a full range of animation services, including animated music videos, commercials, social media short animations, illustrations, sports comics and 2D cartoons, created in 2018 and headquartered in London, UK. Created in 2021, VibeToon is part of V+Animation Animation Studios, an online platform for making short-loop music videos for musicians and entertainment industry professionals, with custom characters and unique animation templates. You can create a character that looks like your own and easily incorporate it into different scenes.

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VibeToon was founded with the hope that every musician can have their own own MV regardless of the limitations of funds and time. Unlike most people who are laying out 3D Avatars and virtual digital people, VibeToon has taken a different approach, choosing to use the "2D Avatar + music + short video" model to open the way for itself, and successfully attracted Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Dj Jazzy Jeff, BLXST, Dave East, Macaulay Culkin and many other musicians, singer-songwriters, stars to use and promote, At the same time, it has also reached cooperation with well-known record labels such as Warner and Redbull.

VibeToon is very simple to use, just need to complete the "Avatar avatar creation, scene selection and upload music" three steps to create a unique music video.

Avatar avatars can freely choose gender, body type, skin tone, hair color, eyebrows, eye shape, iris color, eyebrows, nose, lips, eyelashes, makeup, beard, hat, glasses, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, clothing and so on. Although the options provided by each category are not very rich, they also give a certain amount of room for differentiation, at least to help creators retain certain characteristics.


In terms of scene selection, VibeToon provides 8 scenes such as sofa corner, sports car 1 (natural scenery), sports car 2 (city view), recording room, swimming pool, balcony, subway, and beach.

In addition to the scene itself, you can also add different animation effects such as smoking, playing guitar, tapping the electronic keyboard, playing games, drinking, writing, etc., and select different animation scenes to trigger different animation effects.

Exporting animations requires logging in to export, but the exported video is shorter and requires a fee. It is recommended to record the screen so that the length of the video can be as long as you want, and it is free.



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