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How To Loop A YouTube Video? LoopTube Free Repeat Tool

by Technical otaku - 2022-06-26 2041 0 2

LoopTube Repeat YouTube video tool, you can specify the A to B point loop playback

Recently, some netizens asked Xiaobian how to repeat YouTube videos? YouTube itself does not have this function. We have two ways to achieve repeated playback of YouTube videos. The first is to share with you today. Through third-party tools such as LoopTube , after pasting the YouTube URL, you can achieve repeated playback. , the other is to download the YouTube video to the computer , and realize the effect of repeating the video through the computer player. Both methods are available, see which one you prefer.

After entering LoopTube, just paste the YouTube video URL and press Enter.

Then on the playback timeline, click the red loop button below to specify the time point of repeated playback. It supports repeated playback from point A to point B. If you want the entire video to be played repeatedly, just click play in the lower right corner.


There is also a note-taking function below. If you want to play YouTube videos in a loop to practice listening and learning, you can make good use of the note-taking function below to record it. Link the editor to help you put it below. Friends who need it, hurry up and try it!




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