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Messenger App Anti-Peeping Tips, You Can Set Up Face ID (IPhone) In Two Easy Steps!

by Technical otaku - 2022-06-23 2065 0 2

Friends using iPhone, how to prevent colleagues and wife from having the opportunity to peek at your Messenger chat history? Let Xiaobian teach you to set up Messenger Face ID lock function to prevent it! Messenger is a social communication software app commonly used by many people, but now that privacy and security issues are getting more and more attention, Messenger has added a Face ID lock function to prevent your chat records from being peeked by interested people, so how to set it? ? Let's take a look at the simple two-step setup tutorial below! For more new Messenger features, please refer to this: Messenger introduces a new "sound emoji"!

Messenger Face ID setup tutorial

First of all, please open your Messenger App, click "Settings" > "Privacy Settings" > "App Lock" in the lower right corner.

Next, we will enable the "Need Face ID" function, and then you can choose how long it will take you to activate the Face ID lock after exiting the Messenger App. After selecting us to exit and then reopening, you can see the Face ID lock! For friends who don't want others to click to peek at your Messenger chat history, quickly set up a Face ID lock through the above teaching!

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