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How To Turn Photos Into Videos? KC Softwares PhotoToFilm Slideshow Maker Free Download

by Technical otaku - 2022-06-22 2269 2 2

Limited time free KC Softwares PhotoToFilm photo to video, lifetime serial number now receive permanent free license

Want to make a slideshow, is there the easiest way? Recently, the editor found that PhotoToFilm photo to video software , the operation is very simple, just need to import photos, it will automatically convert to video files, and there are transition effects, photo to video everyone can easily get started, supported pictures The formats are: PNG, JPG, JPEG, Bitmaps, the original price is $14.99, and now a limited-time free event is being launched. You can use it for free for life if you get it now, and friends in need quickly collect it.

First download PhotoToFilm from the back of the article, open it after installation, and click the "Enter Authorization" button.

002 (1).png
Then enter the time-limited free serial number, and if you need it, please turn on the light to get it:
Name: GiveawayoftheDay
Serial: 51092084103078070102080093080084096077068084082103051046057

003 (1).png
Paste it and press OK, you can see the message that the serial number is successfully activated, this time the serial number is "Lifetime Edition" , which means that it can be used for free forever after it is enabled.

004 (2).png
The use is also quite approachable. Basically, import, select the output location, and start three steps to complete the slideshow production. Of course, more advanced friends can also choose background music, choose video compression code, adjust resolution, etc., Xiaobian Put the file download link below, and get it for free while the limited time is available!












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