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Solution for Twitter image not opening

by Technical otaku - 2022-06-20 2037 0 2

Every time I have to rewrite it, I am too lazy to explain it, just type an article and read this directly in the future.

I'm too lazy to explain the principle. It's just forcing the domain to point to another server. Setting and is not really a solution., rather than violently polluting it.

List of available IPs:

The following will be used an example, but other IPs can be used, some IPs will be faster, but some may be unstable, please try it yourself:






use on computer

Windows please open



Mac, Linux please open



Then add a line at the bottom of the file:


Then archive (if the permissions are insufficient, copy the original file to the desktop first, and then overwrite the original file after the modification), and call it a day.


Use on iOS

Download Surge 4 , or if you have a DNS changing software like AdGuard.

Surge does not require in-app purchases, and the features used this time are free. Find the "DNS" card column in Surge, click "Local DNS Mapping", and add a new item as shown below.

Then go back to the main screen of Surge and press Start in the upper right corner.

Surge will ask to add a VPN setting, but the VPN is actually implemented on the iPhone and won't connect to an external server, so it's safe to use.


For AdGuard, add a new rule to the DNS block list and enter the same


That's it.


Android uses:

Wo fans have Android.

You can use AdGuard, but I don't know if there is a free plan.



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