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Tool-free/edit URLOpen the mbasic Facebook page to download Facebook videos

by Technical otaku - 2022-06-15 2139 1 2

Facebook has two kinds of websites, desktop and mobile, in addition, there are mbasic basic lite websites with only standard functions, the purpose is to make mobile devices in areas with slower network speeds can also use Facebook smoothly, mbasic website does not use a web player, open FB video URLs only show preview pictures + play key icons, click play will be in a new pagination to watch videos in the browser built-in player.

After understanding this, if you want to download a Facebook movie, just modify the video URL to open the mbasic version of the page, click to play the movie to right-click to save the file, but you can only store low-quality videos, you need to use a third-party downloader for higher quality.

Name: Fcaebook Lite

Facebook movie download instructions

If you want to download and save the movie on Facebook, just go to the video page and edit the URL. (Note: Click the date of the post to go to the video URL.) )
修改網址就能下載 Facebook 影片

Change the "www" in the URL to "mbasic",
修改網址就能下載 Facebook 影片

Directly modify the URL in the URL bar, press the Enter key to open the Facebook simple version of the page, the original web player became a preview image + play key icon, click on the picture will play the movie in the new page.
修改網址就能下載 Facebook 影片

Right-click to save the video as ...., or click the player's function key (⋮) to download the movie.
修改網址就能下載 Facebook 影片

The above method is also suitable for mobile devices, using a mobile browser to watch Facebook videos, clicking on the URL bar to edit, adding "basic" to m.facebook in ur to become mbasic.facebook.
修改網址就能下載 Facebook 影片

After modifying the URL to load the web page, clicking on the video preview image will open a new pagination to play the video, and clicking the "function key (⋮)" → "Download" in the player can save the video.
修改網址就能下載 Facebook 影片

Changing the "www" of the desktop URL and the "m" of the mobile URL to "d" has the same effect.
For example:






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