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Hitomi Downloader supports free and open source downloaders for online video, manga, and social platforms (Simplified/3.7m version)

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Hitomi Downloader 支援線上影音、漫畫、社群平台的免費開源下載器

Hitomi Downloader is a free and open source download software that supports a wide range of video platforms and social networking sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, bilibili, as well as Pornhub, XVideos, Avgle, and several adult video sites, as well as, AsmHentai, and several H Cartoon sites can be downloaded, and there is a complete list of supported sites on the official website.

Hitomi Downloader has Chinese interface is relatively no problem in operation, the use of the use is very simple, paste the URL to join the task list immediately for analysis and start downloading, storage files will be created according to the website subfolders.

Software name: Hitomi Downloader
Authorized type: Free
Language interface: Traditional/Simplified, English
Operating system: Windows
Official website: https://github.../Hitomi-Downloader
Software download:
(2022/06/08: Software update v3.7m version).

Instructions for using Hitomi Downloader:

Use Hitomi Downloader without installation, download and unzip it and start the software directly.
Hitomi Downloader 支援線上影音、漫畫、社群平台的免費開源下載器

Hitomi Downloader is used in the same way as a regular downloader, and by posting the URL and clicking "Download" to save videos, music, and comics. (Supplement: The latest version supports Chinese Traditional interface, and the screenshot of this article is the old version of the software screen.) )
Hitomi Downloader 支援線上影音、漫畫、社群平台的免費開源下載器

Support YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, bilibili and other video social platforms, as well as Avgle, Pornhub, Adult Movies and H Comics sites, next to the "Download" button there are menus to specify pages, chapters (for comic sites) and MP4, MP3 formats (for YouTube).

The task list will show the download progress, and if you hover over a task, you will see function icons such as open folder, delete, move, etc., or right-click to expand the function menu to restart, delete files, clear all completed tasks, and so on.

Hitomi Downloader 支援線上影音、漫畫、社群平台的免費開源下載器

The default file storage location is the same folder as the Hitomi Downloader software, and each Web site automatically creates a subfolder.
Hitomi Downloader 支援線上影音、漫畫、社群平台的免費開源下載器

Click on the "Folder" icon at the bottom right of the window to have a website folder menu, allowing users to quickly open the folder to view the file, you can customize the shortcuts and arrangement order to be displayed, and you can also view all supported websites from here.
Hitomi Downloader 支援線上影音、漫畫、社群平台的免費開源下載器

If you want to store the download files in the same folder, you can change the storage location by opening the software "Settings", but you need to set them one by one on each website, and if necessary, you can also adjust the number of simultaneous download tasks and the maximum number of connections.
Hitomi Downloader 支援線上影音、漫畫、社群平台的免費開源下載器

Most support sites are affixed with URLs to start the download task, except that when downloading Avgle videos, you must extract the URLs through the browser expansion function, and then manually install them after obtaining the file on the expansion page. Chrome Manual Installation Of Extensions Play

a video on the Avgle website and click the expansion's "Download Icon" to join the mission.

Hitomi Downloader 支援線上影音、漫畫、社群平台的免費開源下載器







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