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LoopTube repeats the YouTube video, marking the clip to loop before and after the time

by Technical otaku - 2022-06-15 2251 1 2

YouTube website and App have a loop function, used to repeatedly listen to the same song is quite convenient, if you only want to watch one of the clips repeatedly, such as watching an instructional video to strengthen the learning of a paragraph, the computer browser to add Looper for YouTube can choose a time zone to do loop playback, and LoopTube online tools are also the same function, The installation-free software is suitable for mobile devices.

Service Introduction:

LoopTube is a free online YouTube playback tool that allows users to customize the start &end time to let the player loop a specific clip. It's simple, with searching for a video link loading the movie, marking the time position below the player, repeating the clip by pressing the play button, and supporting a variety of system devices.

Website: LoopTube
Language: English

LoopTube Usage Instructions:

Start by copying the link to the movie on the YouTube website or app.
LoopTube 重複播放 YouTube 影片

Open the LoopTube website, paste the link and press the "Search button".
LoopTube 重複播放 YouTube 影片

The webpage then loads the movie with a time marker below the player and drag the white squares on the left and right sides to specify the time location.
LoopTube 重複播放 YouTube 影片

Once the start &end time is set, pressing the "Play button" will loop the marked clip and adjust the playback speed if necessary.
LoopTube 重複播放 YouTube 影片

After starting the loop, the URL will have start, end, rale, and you can also modify these three values to specify the time before and after and the playback speed.
LoopTube 重複播放 YouTube 影片

LoopTube is a web app that phones can also repeat Clips of YouTube videos.
LoopTube 重複播放 YouTube 影片






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